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1st Pre-Order Update- 15-Mar-21

Mass production begins

 By March the mass production mould was ready to start making the first orders. The factory sent me a few samples to test. The quality was great but as I mentioned in a previous update we still had to get the lid to be 100% leakproof like the first version. We couldn't take any risks of it leaking so I had to delay the production until the problem was fixed.


Luckily it didn't take too long to fix the issue but the next problem was that some of the two toned Whizzers had some discrepancies. If you see the image below you'll notice the line doesn't match up. This is to be expected slightly due to the manufacturing process and the difficulty of mixing two colours. Check out our @kiddiwhizz instagram page to see the process in action. Yet again, I had to take the difficult decision to stop the manufacturing until we could fix the issue. With customers having already waited a month I was feeling the pressure! I just wanted it to be perfect for the team whizzer customers who had placed their trust in me.


A little extra


Given how special and unique this product is I wanted to be providing each customer with a feeling that I was going above and beyond to make sure they got their monies worth so during the delays I set about designing something extra to put inside the pre-orders. Heres a sneak peak, can you guess what it is?



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