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The Website and Pre-order Launch 17-Feb-2021

17-Feb-21 The Website Launches

I decided to set this as the date of the website and pre-order launch as it's the anniversary of my Dad's death. Although it's an incredibly sad day for Mayson and me, I wanted to mark the occasion with something positive in his honour as I know how proud he would be. He is definitely the reason behind who I am today and why I'm determined enough to believe in this business.

I wanted the website to be jam packed full of information so that no visitors were left confused by what the Whizzer was. I wanted to make such people knew the story behind the whizzer and had guides for every part from cleaning to getting children used to using it. Given this is a new concept and a problem that most parents have never had a product to solve it with, I devised a quiz for anyone questioning where they would be able to use it.

I was still working on changes to the website and testing all the payment methods right up until the 12pm launch time. PayPal and Amazon Pay were my last battle which ended up taking another week of excruciating hold music and unhelpful customer service, but like with everything, my perseverance got me there in the end.

By this point I'd already taken the huge risk (thanks to the bank lenders taking a risk too) and paid for the mass production moulds to be made. It would take 1 month to make them, which meant I had that time to try and get as many people to know about the Whizzer as possible. Behind the scenes I'd been working tirelessly on my marketing and press release to try to secure some exposure. PR and advertising is something that businesses pay lots of money for but I didn't have it, so as always I set about learning what I could and using my dedication to break through. Mayson even got involved and wrote letters to ITV's This Morning, Lunch with Steph and BBC1 The One Show to tell them about my invention and how much he's learnt about building a business alongside his homeschooling.


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