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Pre-order Information


With every day that passes since you, the wonderful Team Whizzer customers, placed your orders, I grow evermore eager to send you your Whizzers! 

Instead of bombarding you with update emails, I decided to create a section on the website where you could come and see the journey of the Whizzer when you have time.

I'm also aware that some customers who pre-ordered haven't received the email updates (ended up in junk folder) or they didn't sign up to the team whizzer email subscription (I can't email non-subscribers). So please be reassured that you've not been left intentionally abandoned!


Before I begin I want to say that I can't thank you enough for your patience and support with the start of this exciting journey. Every order that comes through as a ping on my phone brings a smile to my face in these stressful and exhausting times.

As you may have seen on social media Mayson has began a celebratory dance in the evenings if we have broke our sales record for the day. Some days there are no sales, so no dance and others he can really go for it. Either way we are just grateful to you for believing in the product.

Currently it is just me alone, figuring out this small business journey in order to hopefully bring Whizzers to the nation while being a single Mum and fighting my own health battles privately. 

The links below take you to the different stages of the last few months.


Pre-order explained

Before launching Pre-order

 17-Feb-21 The Website Launches

15-Mar-21 The mass production mould

26-Mar-21 Let's get ready for shipping

06-Apr-21 Pre-order update and YouTube Ad 


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