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Kiddiwhizz is now live and open for business!

It has been a crazy few months attempting to create and launch Kiddiwhizz.

Just 3 months ago, I had no social media accounts and no idea of how to run an e-commerce business. However I love learning new things, I always embrace a challenge and I thrive on keeping busy.

That said, I took it to the extreme as always and decided to start this new venture at the busiest time of a Mother's life- The Summer School Holidays!

Duties were neglected in pursuit of a new business with dreams of being able to work from home whilst continuing to be a full time single mother as I set about searching for products to work alongside my initial product, The Whizzer.

It wasn't long before I was inundated with products that I'd of loved to have as a first time or new mother and the new world of e-commerce began to open up.

Social Media was always something I'd avoided, as the perception of reality is so warped and can be extremely unhealthy and unhelpful for anyone, let alone Mothers trying their best! 

However I simultaneously began Kiddiwhizz at the same time as my @not.just.a.single.mother account and a whole new following and insight into a much more positive, empowering and realistic reality filter into my feed. 

This became much more engaging and was the start of a new found respect for the inspiring side to social media.

I continued to post to a growing following, learning along the way about hashtags and reposts, audience engagements and insights.

My product list was growing alongside the suppliers, cash needed to secure them and work needed to promote and sell them.

My ultimate goal for Kiddiwhizz was really a place where parents could come and share ideas, woes and parenting problems, whilst finding products that could help them along the way.

My passion has always been writing and with the experiences I've had just with parenting one I thought I'd co-inside it all with blogs of my own journey and tips I found useful.

So here it is, the start of a new journey. It will hopefully grow, develop, get stronger and better along the way... just like a parent and child does!

Love and hugs,

Zoe x

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