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Before pre-order launched

Before Pre-order launched

I'd set and announced the date for pre-order which was exciting but with only a few weeks to prepare I had a lot to do (all whilst homeschooling as we were still in lockdown). The anticipation definitely drove me through all the nights I worked through to make the deadline. However what I wasn't prepared for was a change to the product itself.

I had been reassured that the mass production would begin after Chinese new year which coincided with my launch date of February 17th, however when the supplier in China checked the quality of the Whizzer he felt they could be much better for such an innovative product, so without my knowledge he changed factories.

I was made aware and received the newest version of the Whizzer just 2 days before the launch but found a few problems. Firstly they had changed the lid slightly to make it extra leakproof by adding a seal to it. This was great in theory but the seal also lifted off the internal funnel as it was opened, which meant if the user was doing it in a hurry with urine inside it could cause a bit of a mess. This was not a risk I could take.

Secondly, when I sat the new Whizzer next to the original it was slightly taller. It was 2cm bigger than my designs and samples. Panic set in when I knew that these had been made from the mass production mould that couldn't be changed.

By increasing the size even as slightly as 2cm this meant the capacity had increased by a huge 50ml. 

I decided to see the positive in this 'mistake'. It meant that due to the larger capacity the customer would be able to use their whizzer throughout their child's growth beyond the original age of 6. Giving even more value.

So, although this caused lots of problems for me because I had to redo everything from packaging to promo, for you, the customers it's great news. 


Given everything is designed by me, I set about changing and updating everything to reflect the changes. Behind the scenes it meant weeks of little sleep but it was definitely worth it.

I also ensured we changed and tested the lids with different thickness and hardness of silicone to get the right balance, to ensure the Whizzer was leakproof even when shook. Even though we'd achieved it with the original sample mould, this was only perfected a month after pre-sale began for the new mould. Therefore we couldn't start production until this was finished.



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