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2nd Pre-order update - 26-Mar-21

Let's get ready for shipping

As soon as I saw the first Whizzers being loaded into the shipping boxes I breathed a sign of relief. I knew they had a long journey ahead of them but to be able to tell customers they are on their way was great!


The first stop on their journey was to a warehouse for quality control and checking. After it was confirmed that the train journey to the UK could take 40 days I decided that we had to find another solution even if it cost more. 

So I asked for 4 boxes to be separated and sent to another location to be fast tracked. It was at this point that the news had broke about the boat that was stuck in the Suez Canal and the ripple effect it was having on shipping.

Yet another delay was expected and I just had to hope the pre-order customers would be understanding. It didn't help that I'd come down with a virus with all the same effects as COVID so was completely wiped out. I was doing what I could from my bed whilst being a (single) Mum of course (the hardest job of all!).

For anyone who thought I'd disappeared from social media, that's what it was.

Any parent will know that when you fall ill, you have to strip back to basics and function in anyway you can in order to be a Mum first before anything else. I prioritised my son and the daily running of Kiddiwhizz but switched off all other forms of communication. I luckily managed to get a shed load of Easter Eggs to keep us going though. I'd hoped to be delivering Whizzers for Easter but that wasn't to be. The chaos of everyone rushing out for the bank holiday sunshine which coincided with the lifting of lockdown showed how needed the Whizzer is!


Next Update coming:


3rd Pre-order update and YouTube Ad (8-apr-21)


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