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Kids Whizzer Pre-order explained

What is Pre-order?

For those who haven't pre-ordered something before I think it's important to reassure you of what this means. Often customers are given the chance to buy something in advance of it becoming available. This can be for many reasons such as to ensure there is a demand, there is enough stock or to raise funds to ensure costs can be covered. With Kiddiwhizz there is an element of all three. 


Why did I have to do pre-order? 2021

I started this business in September 2020 after lockdown 1, with no money and no idea of how I would actually get this product made, let alone sold. I plunged all my savings into getting a sample mould made in order to test the first prototype of the Whizzer.

By Christmas, I had perfected the mould and had 50 sample products sent to me, so that I could forward to the first Team Whizzer reviewers. I asked a network of Instagram followers that I'd got to know and who had children of the correct ages to really give me the honest feedback I needed.

The response was even better than I'd hoped. Those who were potty training had results overnight and others who had been taking it on daily walks, got into the habit of taking it with them so much, that they struggled without it! In order to make these Whizzers into mass produced products I then needed to raise A LOT of money (think of driving a nice brand new car off the forecourt) in order to make the mass moulds.

There were a few options such crowdfunding or approaching investors, but time was running out and these options needed proof that there was a demand and a surprising about of time, expertise and money just to pitch the business idea.

That's when I made a deadline to finish the website so that I could begin to take Pre-orders to show there was people that needed a Whizzer in their life!


Why did I have to do pre-order? 2023




Before launching Pre-order

 17-Feb-21 The Website Launches

15-Mar-21 The mass production mould

26-Mar-21 Let's get ready for shipping

06-Apr-21 Pre-order update and YouTube Ad 





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