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Next Update and YouTube Announcement

The frustration of all the hold ups with the shipping has been a real learning curve the last month. I'm now told they will definitely be here next week!

Having the product being manufactured in another country comes with a heap of complications and challenges but its the only way right now! Plus the factory manager has become like family. Mayson and I have FaceTimed the lovely Victor more than anyone else (combined!) this lockdown.

So, while we wait for the first few boxes of products to arrive, there is so much to be excited about. 

Especially as I'm also on the mend from the virus that wiped me out.

I teamed with Prism Studios and we'd been working on a new Whizzer Ad which was complete and ready to view. 

I wanted to be sure to sending it out to the Team Whizzer subscribers first but now it's here and available for everyone to enjoy! Do follow Kiddiwhizz on YouTube as I'll be adding content there as much as possible.



I also entered into the world of Facebook this month. What an incredibly supportive place it is! I had been a member of the group Doing it for the kids for a while, so being able to interact and get feedback from other parents was a wonderful boost. I highly recommend any freelance and business owner parents to join, as there's a wealth of knowledge and people ready to answer questions. Do find me on Facebook and say Hi!


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