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Top problem solving products- Potty training


Potty Training Problems and Toileting Troubles 

1. The Whizzer

Of course of the  number one problem solving product for this category is going to be The Whizzer!

My son learnt to potty train quite quickly. I did what most parents do and lived on Mumsnet for advice and links.

I followed the naked summer weekend technique! Not actually what it's called but it basically sums it up. I waited for a warm summertime weekend, purchased a few potties which I put in the living room, bedroom and bathroom. Then let my son live bottomless for the weekend, minus a few trips out for fresh air, coffee and sanity of course!

I can't recall the amount of accidents and wet clothes we went through over the coming months but I'm going to guess that it was about average!

As you can see below we used the 2in1 potty/ toilet seat called Potette. Which we could take and use anywhere as my son is demonstrating in a quiet area at the zoo!


The problems came when I noticed he was passed the excitement and novice stages of the potty training and would need to use the toilet around 10 times a day, quite often more.

Being out and about and rarely at home, finding a toilet fast was not often that easy, so trees and drains were our only alternative.

Embarrassingly shielding my son behind an insufficiently sized tree whilst avoiding the trail of pee inevitably heading straight for both of our shoes were definitely not my finest parenting moments each day.

I was already such a paranoid parent that it was nothing less than embarrassing for me. I felt reckless and inconsiderate every time someone walked past us.

So my solution was to start to carry around disposable cups in my bag.

I would collect the disposable coffee cups from my daily caffeine hit for him to wee into then subtly dispose of the liquid in a more convenient place, like a drain. It allowed me to simply pop the cup over his privates, relieving the expectation on him to controlling the stream without it affecting our hands, clothes and anything else in its way! He'd finish up and we could continue for the next 15 minutes when we'd probably repeat the routine in a different street corner!

The plastic cup idea can now be replaced with The Whizzer.

The inner funnel ensures that once there is liquid inside it, it will be contained without leaking.

My son is now 8 and unfortunately needs the toilet frequently, hospital scans when he was 6 showed it was down to a hormone deficiency. This meant that until the medication given kicked in he was still needing nappies at night regardless of how many times I made sure he'd been to the toilet before bed or got him up in the night. Now I wake him up before I go to bed about midnight to use the Whizzer which is next to his bed. Another problem solved as the capacity is fine for small wees of any age, even an adult.

Let us know your parenting potty training problems and solutions in the comments section or email us so we can feature your story to help others.