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Independent Mother Travelling Blog

One thing we are very fortunate to have experienced, is travelling the world.

From Amsterdam to Asia, from Africa to America, I've covered quite a lot of the world and mostly with my son in tow right from a newborn.

Since before my son was born, travelling was always my passion.

It was my escape from reality and more often than not, an excuse to run and hide away from my problems. I'd lived and worked abroad together with the more common travelling experiences that broaden your perspectives and open your mind to different cultures and ways of living when you are young and free.

Having my son meant hopping on a plane last minute wouldn't be so easy, however I'd never let anything stop me before, so it would just be an added challenge.

I wanted my son to experience everything life and this world had to offer. In order to do that we would need to leave our comfort zone of sterilised bottles and plastic play toys behind us. We needed to jump on an aeroplane to hear new accents, sense different smells, see brighter colours, learn about other cultures and hopefully breathe in less pollution!

Rome wasn't built in a day, and my ability to travel was not easy to plan.

It was mostly based around 2 factors, the health of my severely disabled Father whom I was the main care co-ordinator for. His health was very unpredictable and by the time my son was born he had already survived 8 years past the first time we were told he wouldn't make it through the night. However I was the main stability in his life so he had always been my top priority which conflicted massively when my son became my number one priority.

The second factor was my Mothers Marathon running. Following my Fathers initial stroke and hospitalisation she turned to marathon running as a way to cope and have something to focus on. She was determined to run all over the world, so given she was my next priority, I fell into the role of marathon co-ordinator. 

She would pick out a destination from her Running magazine and I would need to plan and execute the trip. 

My blogs to follow will be exploring my memories of destinations nearby such as Amsterdam, France and Spain to one further afield like Hawaii, Thailand and the Caribbean. We've cover a lot of ground but still have a lifetime of travelling ahead of us, next year it looks set to be Australia!

Being a Single parent doesn't mean your life has to be limited because your support is. Quite the opposite! Firstly it's cheaper and more flexible...!