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Welcome to Kiddiwhizz!

Firstly let me thank-you for visiting my site Kiddiwhizz.

As you may have read in the Bio, this is a company set-up and run by me, Zoe Chapman.

I'm a Single Mother, who wants to combine her years of experience in parenting problem solving with her passion for inspiring other Single Mothers to be reinvented as Independent Mothers.

As a Mother on my own right from pregnancy, I had to find inventive ways to make it through new, tough and complicated situations. My son has numerous health problems, as did I and therefore I was constantly searching for new ways to support us both.

This website came about because years ago when I was toilet training my son I designed a product, named it but never had the chance to see it through to the end of the patenting and production stages. Regretful of this, I quit my job and decided to take the risk of investing in the product.

Very quickly I realised that there were so many other products that I came across that I wish I had known about when my son was a baby. I decided to combine these products with my own idea and create a site to share them all.

This would also allow me to fulfil my ultimate passions; writing, connecting with  others and sharing knowledge.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and checking out the products we have on offer. The site will continue to grow as your requests to find solutions grow too.

I want to keep things positive so anything that you're not happy about just let me know and I'll do what I can to help, but please bare with this Mummy running it alone!

Have a great day!



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