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About Us


Hello, I'm Zoë. Ready for a back-story?

I designed the Whizzer™ when my son Mayson was a toddler with a constant need for the loo!

We were constantly on the move and drove a lot so I carried around an empty takeaway cup from my morning coffee (my treat of the day) then used it for my son to pee into.

It meant that I could cover his private area with the cup, and stop any spray from getting on our shoes and clothes.

By collecting it in the cup it also stopped us from creating a yucky wee river that would trickle towards us and anyone walking through its path. Surely there had to be a solution to this common embarrassing inconvenience?!

Here is my son at the zoo beautifully demonstrating the only other option available to parents. Carrying a potty around is not ideal, feasible or dignified!

I couldn't believe that there wasn't a product that could solve my problem.


So, in 2014 I designed the first Whizzer.

At the time I was also nursing my terminally ill father who was bed bound so I knew my invention could be used for so much more than for toilet training toddlers.

Regrettably as a Single Mum juggling A LOT, I didn't have the time, money or support to make the Whizzer a reality.

I assured myself I'd come back to it!

determination will prevail

2020 was full of stress and unpredictability, especially for parents juggling homeschooling on top of everything else!

I decided to make this the year that would be significant for all the right reasons.

In October 2020 I had the first sample of the new Whizzer made and by Christmas I was singlehandedly juggling everything from designing packaging to protecting my IP.

thank-you for your support

There's no hidden team or corporate funding behind the launch of this product, just a determined Single Mum with big dreams.

The launch date of the Whizzer™ will be 17th February 2021 to honour the 6th anniversary of my Dad who gave me the entrepreneurial flair, unstoppable determination and kind spirited dedication.

I will continue to work tirelessly day and night to make this little idea a big success!

About Us