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We hope to keep all our customers happy but if there's something more we can do to assist you please get in touch.

POST DRAGONS DEN NOTICE: Thank-you to all those wanting to get in touch, please can I request your patience as there's still currently just one person managing it all so I'll be working as hard and fast as I can to get through all requests.

Please can I kindly ask that no messages regarding selling your services are sent at this time- I'm aware of all the parts of my business that require attention hence why I took the risk to go on Dragons Den to get the help needed as in reality there is no 'quick fix' and services aren't free so apologies but I won't be able to deal with that side of things- My customers must come first.

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I want to become a Brand Rep or Affiliate for Kiddiwhizz.

Great! I've been searching for legitimate supporters of the product for 2 years now with very little success and a lot of people unfortunately taking advantage of my situation for a 'freebie'. This business has been built by the organic sharing of genuine Whizzer users who have watched and supported my journey with Kiddiwhizz because in turn the Whizzer helps relieve some daily parenting stress.

Want to be a part of the Kiddiwhizz family too? Fab!

I have a new system which I will be onboarding people onto soon but in the meantime, the sign-up form that you can use is accessed here.

I'd like to order wholesale or support Kiddiwhizz.

Thank-you! That's great to hear. Drop us an email at sales@kiddiwhizz.com or Fill out the form below.

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