Please see the Whizzer Information page or check out the new videos on the home and product pages. Alternatively if you'd like to hear it from one of our first customers then check out the blog Life after Potty training where author Octavia explains it all in a video and written in her own words.

Orders are dispatched same day (mon-fri) if placing order before 2pm.

Once it has been dispatched you will receive an email update with a tracking order number which you can use to see the status of your delivery journey and make any changes. If selecting Royal Mail 24 please note that they usually deliver but state its not guaranteed. So if it has passed this time please contact us directly on so we can chase it up on your behalf.

If when placing your order it was for a pre-ordered whizzer it will be dispatched in the time stated within the product description.

Both sizes use exactly the same detachable parts (spout, funnel, lid) meaning they can be interchanged. The only difference is the main body which is wider, collapsable and can hold over 500ml. The kids one is great for little hands and to encourage independence and ownership but if you want just one for the whole family or your child would fill 250ml at one time, then go for the bigger size!

As of August 2022 We have moved our parcel dispatch over to Royal Main from Yodel and Evri. However we do switch between them to avoid strikes or any other issues that could cause delays. We are monitoring progress so do let us know if you experience any issues.

Some of the old promo material had a code which gave customers 10% off and free delivery - A huge deal right?! Well unfortunately that wasn't sustainable as I couldn't cover the rising delivery costs so discounts will remain but delivery may not always be free. However I'll be putting on regualr promotions in the future so bare with me!

The bags have been removed from inside Whizzers due to a number of customers feedback that they wanted it to be waterproof. It was a last minute added bonus to the kids whizzer just before the product launch. However now to prevent disappointment I've removed it completely and instead now sell a few different bag options to give the customer more choice. More will be added in the future. Alternatively if you don't wish to purchase a Kiddiwhizz bag then you have including wet bags or if you wish to keep your spout separate then a food zip-lock bag will do the trick!

The welcome discount of 10% off is applicable to non-sale offers. So, for example for those trying to use it for the pre-order price of an adult whizzer it didn't work as there was already a saving £5 which is an even better discount!

If it helps -The product itself isn't an off the shelf cheaply made one, it's totally unique, packed with features you can't get from other products and made of high-grade silicone. For piece of mind it's all funded by one bootstrapped Mum so don't worry the price is as low as it can possibly be right now and value will always be made a priority. We will continue to run offers whenever we can.

We know how frustrating it is when you are waiting for an order to arrive which is why we decided to revert all orders to a tracked service.

Please first check with neighbours or in any hiding spots that a postman could have left it. They can be quite ridiculous unfortunately.

Once an order has been delivered we can not accept responsibility for its safety.

Please note that 24hr and 48hr postal times are started once the item is collected by Royal Mail and therefore entered into their system. It is then based on when your postman delivers to your area. Therefore Royal Mail will not guarantee the delivery time but work towards the stated times for which you have selected. If it has passed this time please do get in touch at

Please do not leave it too long before getting in touch, if your order was dispatched with Yodel or Evri due to Royal Mail strikes or delays then once a few weeks have passed they do not allow us to raise investigations.

Royal Mail tend to make us wait longer.

Either way we will always try out best. This is still currently managed by a one woman team with a warehouse team supporting where possible so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Frustratingly I've had to stop sending to Ireland because the parcels weren't arriving or the customer was being charged customs fee despite me already paying them. Royal Mail is handling it terribly and the business is always at a loss as they refuse to refund so to avoid any further frustrations to you or I there was no choice but to stop until they sorted it out.

However some customers set-up UK postal address using companies like POD (here's a link)

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused.

As another alternative option Kids Whizzers are available from JoJo Maman Bebe in-store and online which have stores based in the UK.

Yes! It's unisex and the spout is specially moulded to give both girls and boys privacy and a leak free comfortable experience.

Some girls like to squat slightly but it's totally down to the individual.

Check out the guest blog Life after Potty training Twins, where Octavia shows how she uses it with her girls in a video.

Check our 'how to' pages for more information.

The spout currently is designed for urinating however there is a separate poo attachment that will be launched soon. We are currently waiting for funding which will then allow us to begin testing the sample attachment out. If you would like to be a tester then do reach out to us!

Although we can't encourage using it for anything other than wee, we have had reports from Mums who have successfully had to use it with their kids.

Firstly to avoid it getting smelly, please ensure you have emptied it as soon as you can and if no cleaning facilities are available then rinsing it with any water would be advisable.

Once home, or somewhere with a water source we recommend using the same method you'd use to clean similar items ensuring you dismantle the Whizzer into it's 5 separate pieces.

Standard soap or washing liquid/detergent with warm water is fine and microfiber cloths work well.

If you have left it unwashed for a while we suggest soaking it in hot soapy water for at least an hour first as a pre-wash.

Please DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads/tools as this will damage the surface.

The Whizzer (silicone parts only NOT plastic ring) is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

We have come across a few cleaning tips that are known to remove smells from silicone products however we must remind you that these are carried out at your own risk and we can not be held accountable if they do not work or damage the product if not carried out correctly.

A cleaning tip used for food silicone products (that are certified oven safe and heatproof) to remove strong food smells, is to bake it in the oven on a baking sheet for 20 minutes at a max temp of 250ºF.

Vinegar and Soda Bicarbonate are also known as effective solutions when diluted but please refer to specific instructions when attempting to do this.

Problems with delivery are frustrating for us all. We have been testing out the fastest and safest courier services and although we are still learning we are determined to make sure we can get your orders to you. Please do email if you've checked with neighbours and in any safe places that it could have been left. We will do our best to chase it up for you but please do bare with us.

The silicone is food-grade silicone which means it has been safety tested to FDA standards so that if it were used to consume food or drink with then it would be safe to do so. However we do not recommend using it for these purposes (or if you're desperate then it's at your own risk and we suggest cleaning it thoroughly first!). This also means it withstands microwave and dishwasher temperatures.

We are starting with the UK but slowly beginning to introduce EU countries. Unfortunately Royal Mail has let me down so many times I've had to temporarily stop sending international orders.

Our aim is to distribute worldwide soon via a range of stockists so why not ask your local store to place an order with us. Stick with us and we'll be with you soon.

That's okay, we had to check it and figure it out too. After you click the yellow checkout button in the basket of the Kiddiwhizz website it will automatically take you to a white screen with Kiddiwhizz at the top. Directly beneath it there is a shopping basket icon and text that says Show Order Summary. If you click the tiny arrow next to it, a whole section will drop down with shows your product and the option to add a discount code.

We love a discount code too but unfortunately we can only accept one per order. We suggest using the one that will give you the best deal. Either way you'll love your purchase so don't be disappointed because you're helping a small business dream too!

Oh no! That's annoying as thats the part that holds it all together. We make them really strong and they have gone through rigious testing so shouldn't break.

If the ring breaks and you can order a replacement here.

If you have received a broken one then please take a photo within 48hrs of receiving your Whizzer and we will replace it for you. Simply send the photo and the order details to putting FAULT in the title with your order number so we can identify you.

Oops, don't worry! You can order a replacement part here.

We offer Royal Mail 24hr. However as orders are collected by Royal Mail at around 3pm it is estimated to be 24hr after this time when your parcel enters their system and depends on your local dispatch team. This is unfortunately out of our control but we will always try to do our best to accommodate any requests.

Hopefully you'll have read the product description about the pre-order process and what it entails before purchasing. I made sure to change the buy now button to 'pre-order now' to remove any confusion.

I tried to cover the basics of the complex and costly process of manufacturing a product without boring you too much so hopefully I got the balance.

I have also been sending out regular updates via email and adding the information to the website and social media for any one who did not subscribe to marketing emails (which prevents me from emailing you directly) or if the emails went into your junk folder.

One of the latest was a video and list of FAQ’s… the video can be found here:

All previous updates are in the menu or the product description too.

If you ordered before the 22nd March please look out for the dispatch notifications as your orders are due to be dispatched the week following Easter and if you order after 22nd March your order will be dispatched at the end of April so keep an eye out for the updates.

These are also listed if you click the chat button in the right hand corner.

Thank-you for your patience and I hope you'll agree it is worth the wait!

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Many Mums have used the kids Whizzer now. We can't encourage it but we can confirm that some Mum's don't even fill it up with one use while others have had to empty it mid-flow and continue! Every body and bladder is different! But that's why I create the adult version which is available to purchase now only from this website.

You can check-out using the new SHOP option powered by Shopify, PayPal or any major debit or credit card provider.

We have a wide range of colours available on the website some of which are exclusive to Kiddiwhizz but others are exclusive to other stores too. We'd always prefer for you to buy direct to support the business but understand if you need Prime delivery or an in-store purchase.

Mix Colours and Blue- Stocked in Amazon

Eco-Green and Plain Pink stocked in JoJo Maman Bebe.

As we always recommend that you empty and clean your Whizzer as soon as you can we can not replace your Whizzer in this case. We suggest either rinsing it out with water and wiping with a tissue if you won't have the chance to clean it for more than a few hours. The smell should come out once you have left it to soak overnight in hot soapy water and may take multiple cleans but we've tested it after it has been left uncleaned for a reasonable amount of time and it does come out.

Please think of the hidden impact it can have before purchasing anything from a small business.

Unfortuantely as a very small business the facility to return unwanted items isn't available. However in certain cases if you have ensured the box remains unopened and there is no damage to the packaging you are welcome to return the item for a full refund. You would just need to email photos of the Whizzer still boxed as received with proof of postage to with REFUND REQUEST in the subject header. We would not be able to refund any postage costs incurred unfortunately. We reserve the right to not refund if we have reason to believe the product has been used as it is a sanitary product.