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Press Links 

This page contains information regarding the product, the business and personal background story.

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Pre-launch press release

Single Mum Builds Bootstrap Business in Lockdown to Solve Common Parenting Problem

Ex-city worker and product designer Zoë has taken a huge risk in order to launch the world’s first unisex handheld portable toilet, aptly named the Whizzer.

After leaving a secure job, that led to offers of work from the the likes of Richard Branson, Single Mother Zoë fled a life of domestic abuse, in order to focus on providing a safe environment for her and her son.

She hopes the Whizzer will be the answer to their struggles and give them a life of financial freedom, no longer reliant on government support.

Using her own experience as a Mother, 36-year-old Zoe Chapman struggled to find a solution to toilet-training while constantly on the go with her toddler, Mayson.

She was desperate to find a product compact enough to carry around in her bag that would offer both privacy and a quick solution when her child needed the toilet.

No such product existed so Zoë decided to put her background in product design to the test and create her own.

Since launching the product in April 2021 the Whizzer has gained attention from parents nationwide, thanks to the potty training success stories, the focus on environmental impact and the overall innovative way that this compact product can problem solve toilet troubles.

The Whizzer has even helped children with a range of health needs and sensory disorders to manage situations that have never been addressed with a product solution before.

From package and web design to marketing, IP and social media, Zoe has taken on all roles from her living room in order to get this to market ASAP.

Zoë hopes the Whizzer will revolutionise the way parents react when their child needs the toilet outdoors, inspiring the phrase

‘Grab the Whizzer!’

(Purchases via this website and Social Media with new partnerships planned for the future including platforms such as Amazon and independent outlets)

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