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Team Whizzer

Team Whizzer

Latest reviews

Rhaya took to the Whizzer immediately and got so excited when she did her first wee! She's too old for 'wild wees' so this is perfect to carry around with us. 100% reccommend.

Marleen with Rhaya

Poole, UK

I'm potty training my son and he needs the toilet constantly! Getting out was such a headache but not anymore.

He loves his Whizzer!

Senem with Francis

North-West London

My 8-year-old daughter has stolen it from her brother and now refuses to use anything but the Whizzer when she needs a wee! Perfect capacity. So clever!

Suzanne with Ivy


Getting out the house with 3 small children is hard but I don't have to worry about when they need the toilet anymore.
My 3 yr old loves using the Whizzer by herself.

Charlotte with Minnie, Albie and Tallulah

Bexley Heath, Kent

The kids didn't want to share so they both have one now!
Perfect for long car journeys!

Leonard with Efrem and Eleana

Sutton - UK

It's been amazing for us with this one always needing last minute wees when out and about.

Elspeth with Sebastian