World Toilet Day 2021 - Mum-made Invention set to solve global issue


 Zoe Chapman Kiddiwhizz Founder with Camden Mayor Sabina Francis


Background - Zoë Chapman - Kiddiwhizz

7 years ago, I was a single mum juggling life with 2 challenging deliverables. Providing end of life care to my Father while potty training a toddler singlehandedly. I couldn’t understand why there was no compact device to support both these stages while on the go that could give them both a discreet experience.

Nothing on the market existed so I used my experience as a Product Design graduate to invent a solution myself.

As the years went by without the ability to bring the Whizzer to life my son developed what we later discovered was a hormone deficiency. The impact of this, made the determination to succeed to solve this new issue too, even more urgent. I knew if I was struggling other would be too.

In 2020, with the global pandemic only exacerbating the need for a solution due to the closure of public facilities and hygiene fear increased, I developed the design and finally brought it to market thanks to the backing of government funded programmes and a host of successful mentors.


the whizzer portable toilet

Since my little invention, the Whizzer, launched in April this year. It has quickly become an award-winning game-changer for toilet training and families on the go. However, there was a section of the market that I had not considered beyond my own awareness and circumstances;

Children with medical needs that need a device like the Whizzer to alleviate the challenges they face on a daily basis.

The surprising list of conditions and situations for which the Whizzer has become a problem-solving solution is ever growing and as such I felt a Research and Development project focused solely on how the Whizzer can best accommodate such a variety of different needs was overdue. 

With the support of Innovate UK, Universities, Medical and Educational bodies we aim to ensure the Whizzer is fit for purpose with the intention of helping support thousands of children in need from 2022. Beyond this, there has been a response from the elderly community requesting we focus on their needs too.

Going to toilet should not hinder anyone’s freedom to go about their day but for millions it does. Exposure of this taboo topic is needed to educate the public and support those who need a solution right now, World Toilet Day would be the perfect time.

Contact details: 07544172485