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GloWhizzer Range

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Whether you want to be transported to the Avatar World of Pandora or want to be 'Oh so Shiny' like Tamatoa from Disneys' Moana this bioluminous Whizzer will be wowing all your fellow families on campsites and festivals!


Imagine not having to leave the tent for the loo at night and instead of waking everyone up with a torch you follow the glow of a whizzer and ensure you know exactly where you're peeing to avoid any unpleasant wet surprises in the morning.


Night-time toilet training or frequent adult toilet users will now be able to have the whizzer by their bedside without the worry of disturbing your senses with the bright lights of the bathroom as you stumble to the loo annoyed at the inconvenience.



How do I make it glow?

The Whizzer is powered by any light source including sunlight. So once it’s soaked up enough light it will start glowing away and last for as long as possible dependant on how long you’ve left it in a direct light source.
E.g One hour of exposure lasts approximately 2hrs hours of Glow. Glow can last up to 8hrs **

You need to make sure all parts are exposed to the light. For example if you have the collapsible version you need to extend it to ensure all areas are visible and able to soak up the light, this goes for the spout too.

Please watch the demo video below for an example. You can see the side of the whizzer that hasn't had as much exposure is slightly darker and the parts that have had no exposure don't glow at all.

 **Tests included up to 8hrs on a window sill in natural light and and 8hrs in a windowless room with a ceiling light. Both scenarios over multiple times showed a lasting glow of 8hrs+

Whizzer Instructions

The ergonomic design of the soft silicone spout is specially designed to mould around the private area when in standing position for both girls and boys bodies for ultimate comfort.

The highest part of the spout should always be at the front to maintain privacy (and this also helps with boys unpredictable aim) while the rest scoops beneath the body to seal the area which is intended to ensure girls can have a mess free experience too.

More product information can be found the on the main Whizzer product page and there is a demo video below.


Big Kids/Adult size

Glow Add-on Pack


Do you already have a whizzer and can't fork out for this new one right now? Don't worry I've got you covered with the Add-on Glow Bundle that comes with the spout, lid and carry attachment so you can jazz up your current whizzer so you don't get FOMO!

It comes in Blue or Pink.

Gloworm Festival

It was the Kiddiwhizz collaboration with the biggest UK Family Festival, Gloworm that gave me the idea to make a Whizzer that Glows. We had a great time at our stand in 2023 and we hope to be back in 2024. Here's the link to the festival for you to check it out!


Glowhizzer Colour Availability

The Glowhizzers are still in their infancy so while colour testing continues the options will be limited.

The Blue Glow Whizzers have come out with the best glow so while we perfect the pink one please note that the pink version may not look the same as the photo of it. It will most likely be lighter in colour because I want it to have the best glow possible!

I won’t release the pink version until I’m happy with the glow but the Pink parts will sold in the Glo-Add-on pack which are ready for immediate dispatch now.

Pre-order Status

If a product is out of stock we will switch on Pre-order which means you'll pay as usual but you will be in the dispatch queue so as soon as your product is available you'll receive a dispatch notification to let you know your order is on it's way with a tracking link.

Currently all items are in stock but estimated dispatch times will be listed here if they are set to pre-sale in the future.

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Glow Whizzer Demo

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