Whizzer™ Kids Eco-Toilet

Whizzer™ Kids Eco-Toilet

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No stress, No Mess

  • The Worlds' First innovative design of its kind
  • One detachable spout for both boys and girls
  • Compact and squashable (12cm in height)
  • Construct in 2 simple steps
  • Moulds to the user's body
  • Designed to give the child privacy
  • Leakproof
  • Holds 250ml- the capacity of an average 8-year-old's bladder
  • High-grade silicone (BPA-free/FDA-approved)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Removes stress from toilet training to family travel 


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Kids Whizzer

Product Information

How to use the Whizzer

The Whizzer™ can be constructed in just a few simple steps (see the demo video below).

Once the lid is replaced with the spout (which clicks into the white stability ring) it is designed to be held in place beneath the body when in a standing position.

Girls tend to squat a little.

The user can allow the soft silicone to cup around their private area with the higher part of the spout at the front for added discreetness which acts as a spray guard (for unpredictable aim) with boys.

The rest of the spout scoops beneath the body to give a seal that prevents the messy splashes

It can be positioned at whatever angle is most comfortable for the user, so we always suggest testing at home first.

Check the main Whizzer product listings or the user guide for more information.

Capacity and Size

The volume of the 250ml Whizzer has been calculated based on the estimated capacity of an average 8-year-old's bladder which is 240ml.

With the height of the Whizzer less than a standard biro pen and a circumference ratio just right for little hands to hold, the Whizzer supports toilet confidence and independence during toilet training and beyond. The small size also enables parents to of design the Whizzer™ to be easily carried in a handbag or backpack.

All children's bladders are as unique as they are. Some are able to hold more than the average and therefore the bigger size may be better for them. It is healthier for little ones to go little and often but if your child tends to hold it and only goes a few times a day then try the bigger size to ensure there's enough capacity.

500ml bigger kids-Adults version is available order here.

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For more info read our full User Guide HERE

Spare parts and bags can be found HERE

Attachment straps can be found HERE

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the soft silicone spout is specially designed to mould around both girls and boys bodies for ultimate comfort.

The highest part of the spout should always be at the front to maintain privacy (and this also helps with boys unpredictable aim) while the rest scoops beneath the body to seal the area which is intended to ensure girls can have a mess free experience too.

Glow Whizzer Info

For the full production information on the whole Glow Whizzer Range head to GloWhizzer Page

Leakproof Safety

Once the Whizzer has been used and the spout has been replaced with the lid, the internal funnel (which connects to the white stability ring) is used will ensure that the fluid remains inside the main body of the product with no leaks. 

Did you know?

It's totally normal for kids need to use the toilet up to 7 times a day so you'll have plenty of occasions when you can use your Whizzer™.

Going little and often and encouraging children to drink throughout the day is healthy as it trains the bladder

If you purchase it for a potty-training toddler you can expect to enjoy up to 6 years of use but read on for more information on when you may need the larger size.


The high-grade silicone material is not only free from BPA and other harmful toxic elements but it provides an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic products or the awkward and embarrassing public urination option.

Potty Training

The Whizzer has proved to be a game-changer for potty training. Little ones like to be in control and find the experience fun so don't be surprised if they want to use it at home too!

To encourage children to use the Whizzer we have devised a story for little ones. Find it here.  

Double Deal

Add two Whizzers of your choice to the basket for a double deal discount! 

Big vs Small Whizzer

The 500ml+ version is here as a follow on when kids are reaching the max capacity of their kids Whizzer or if you know they are able to hold a lot already. All bladders are different so most kids will be fine with a kids one until they’re 7-8yrs as the average bladder capacity for that age is 240ml but if children are big drinkers or are able hold themselves for longer periods of time then they could find they can fill it at a younger age. More information on Bladder health can be found on the ERIC website and the larger Whizzer can be found HERE

Out of Stock | Pre-order

If a product is out of stock we will switch on Pre-order which means you'll pay as usual but you will be in the dispatch queue so as soon as your product is available you'll receive a dispatch notification to let you know your order is on it's way with a tracking link.

The Whizzer-fest colours are the latest pre-launch to drop ahead of the 2024 Festival season which we hope to take by storm!

NEW Whizzer-Fest

The Whizzer-fest colours are the latest pre-launch to drop ahead of the 2024 Festival season which we hope to take by storm!

Afterall who wants to leave the tent at night or miss out on a performance at main stage just to visit the disgusting long drops!

The snazzy tie-die inspired look comes in a pink and a blue version.

The Adult versions are now available for immediate dispatch but as the Kids versions are still awaiting their packaging so are due by the end of Feb 2024.

Demo Video

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